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David – I’ve been married for the past 20 years. I’ve lived around the country and world, being the only American born member of my siblings. I’m a community activist and a serious amateur photographer. Recently, I’ve developed an avid interest in positive clicker training with our dogs.

From March 2005 until early 2007, I published the hyperlocal Seminole Heights Blog in Tampa Florida. It was selected in 2005 by the St. Petersburg Times *TBT as one of the six “must read blogs of the Tampa Bay area”, was runner up for Creative Loafing’s “2006 Best of the Bay – Best Local Blog,” and was described as “One of the best civic-oriented chronicles in the Bay Area”.  My website is and I am the webmaster for


Ella and Hobbit – We currently share our home with Ella, a seven year old Lousiana Catahoula Leopard Hound mix, and Hobbit, a five year old Jack Russell Terrier. Both are rescues.  Ella came to us at six months of age, a semi-feral bundle of nerves. Her fear issues took us straight to the doors of Courteous Canine, a facility that practices only positive training.  Two years ago, we added four month old Hobbit, a stray dropped off at our vet’s.  We have twenty three years experience with the breed, so we thought we knew what we were getting into. We are constantly humbled by that thought.  Hobbit has typical JR energy, with a dose of high anxiety.  His obsessive behaviors took us to a whole new level of training, understanding, and frustration.  We’ll introduce you to their struggles and triumphs, as well as the everyday moments that make living with dogs compelling.