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Mutt Watch – Week of 3-29-10

March 29, 2010


New York Times

Chilewich Creates Mats for Dogs


Sandy Chilewich, a Manhattan designer who makes place mats, floor mats and bags from woven vinyl, now makes mats for pets too.

One Last Nap Amid the Flowers


When the family dog dies, a garden fairyland loses its benevolent dignified (and tired) ruler.

New Finding Puts Origins of Dogs in Middle East


A discovery strengthens the link between the first animal to enter human society and the subsequent invention of agriculture about 10,000 years ago.

Los Angeles Times

Tennessee dog who chewed police car bumper is returned to family

Winston the dog has no problem with people. But he cannot stand police cars, specifically their bumpers. On March 14, while lying in wait for speeding

Times of Oman

AT&T sees big cash in small gizmos like dog collars

LAS VEGAS: With most Americans already toting cellphones, AT&T Inc now wants to target their dogs. A wireless dog collar set to hit the market this year is just one of a plethora of new devices the telephone company hopes will catch on with U.S. consumers.  The collar could send text messages or emails to the owner of a pet when it strays outside a certain area, or the device could allow continuous tracking of the pet.

Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Zen of Fido

At one yoga class in West Seattle, pooches and their owners are reaching a state of puppy Zen.  It’s called “doga” – the yoga class for dogs. The goal is to bring the soothing, spiritual benefits of yoga to our furry friends. Brenda Bryan just opened the studio in West Seattle about a month ago. “The dogs like it – they get stretched and massaged,” she says. “The people like it because they are spending quality time with their animal.”

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